Red Granite (IndiPure Red Granite)

The INDIPURE RED GRANITE is an exclusive finding by the Exclusive Quarries Group in the Tikamgarh/Chhatarpur area of Madhya Pradesh. Unlike the current grades that are being sold out of India this is the purest form of Red Granite and has absolutely no MICA nor variants of it like BIOTITE. This is one of highest grades of PURE GRANITE & the peach and red collar in the quarry are attributed to the red & peach coloured FELDSPAR which are bound together with clear QUARTZ with a violet tint making it unique in its appearance, sheen & richness.

Unlike other red granite being exported from or used in India this grade has NO PINHOLES post processing which is artificially filled up using epoxy or other agents including colouring agents. This grade of granite which is trademarked by exclusive quarries as INDIPURE RED is extremely dense, compact and highly durable making it the perfect stone for timeless use.

It can be used in the HARSHEST of weather without losing its sheen or being weathered be it in salty & moisture filled climates (especially close to the sea side) or in high altitudes including extreme cold with snow. The INDIPURE RED from Exclusive Quarries is currently being sold to China, Taiwan, UAE, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, UK & the Scandinavian countries.

INDIPURE Red is unique in its TEXTURE, COLOR and PURITY and is far richer than RUBY, DEEP & IMPERIAL Red Granite ranges as it also has the inherent nature to stay consistent in its surface due to lack of impurities and its surface tenacity.