Community Responsibility

The EQ Group has a very strong focus on CSR starting right at home. Besides the fact that we take care of our employees we also ensure that their community and families are well taken care off. We realize the potential of an ‘individual’ rather than an organization to make powerful changes that if we take care of people they will take care of the environment, society and the nation.

We have and are continuously participating with start ups, community based entities and individuals in empowering the communities we work with be it ensuring that they have a micro economic ecosystem to work, or better healthcare & education or even access to power & potable water.

We believe children are the future of the nation & the world’s most precious resource so we have tied up with local schools to ensure that they are equipped to train these young citizens to make a significant change in their villages and families. Who doesn’t want a sustainable & qualitative livelihood? Yet at the same time we don’t believe in giving fish but teaching our people how to fish and think innovatively out of the box to be the catalyst or proponent of change.

The legacy of the word “mining” has created negative ripples of environmental degradation, displacement of natives and pollution but we have ensured that with our on ground team dedicated to the welfare of the areas we operate in, we get a continuous feedback from the villagers, residents and local agencies to ensure that they are educated about what we do, and taken care off so that there is no effect on nature, communities or the habitation itself and that they get to be an active member of the economic ecosystem developing around them. We believe that CSR isn’t just Corporate Social Responsibility but “Continuous Societal Restoration” & to give back much more than that which has been taken.