Our investors are currently broken on 3 categories: individuals, institutions and companies. The Natural Stone Quarrying business has 3 distinct advantages which our investors have believed in and experienced:

  1. Continued and Growing demand globally
  2. Limited natural resource
  3. The durability, sustainability & environmental friendliness of the product gives it a distant & decisive advantage over synthetic substitutes & products.

The EQ Group believes that while conventionally the sector has been in the hands of entrepreneurs its own entrepreneurial approach coupled with the corporate focus will position it as a unique proposition to its investors and stakeholders.

​ Our endeavour is to adhere to 3 deliverables to our investors:

A. Transparency & Accountability

B. Profitability & Valuation

C. Growth & Value addition

We don’t solicit nor elicit public deposits and adhere to the laws of the land where we operate. We are not a publicly listed entity but if you are interested to be a part of the growth story we espouse of “Building a Natural Stone Corporation” then please feel free to write to