The EQ Group works within the legal framework of the Country & State it operates in but generically we work in the following format with the local Government & regulatory authority:

  1. Reconnaissance Permit (RP):A permit granted for the purpose of undertaking an exploratory study including the quality of the stone, quantum of deposit and other factors that could influence the business. This is normally extended into aerial, geophysical, geochemical & geological survey but doesn’t include pitting, drilling or trenching.
  2. Prospecting License (PL):This is a license granted in the next step for the purpose of studying the mineral deposits and can include what was excluded in the RP.
  3. NOCs: No Objection Certificates have to be procured for the issuance of the QL based on the location of the proposed quarry. Some of these include the village panchayat (council), forest, ground water authority and where tribals reside there is the necessity for relocation plans to be submitted, verified and then they have to be compensated.
  4. Quarrying Lease (QL):In some places also known as Mining Lease (ML) is a lease granted to undertake mining operations.
  5. Environment Clearance (EC):This would be required to ensure that there are no forest areas being encroached on including but not limited to reserve areas, water bodies, green zones, wildlife zones and demarcated tribal habitation areas.

Once this is done we enter into an agreement with the local Government on the proposed mining plan so that output, royalties and taxes are calculated based on what is mutually agreeable & possible.

The EQ Group has a compliances team with a collective experience of over 3 decades having dealt in:

A. Exploration & Demarcation

B. Liaising from RP to EC

C. Rehabilitation & Compensation

D. Licensing & Compliances to Regulatory Framework

E. Operational compliances