Get Stoned!


It’s a no brainer investing in the natural stone mining business especially if it validates the demand, the industry growth and the possibility of product innovation. Yet one doesn’t see the largest groups in the world managing the natural stone business methodically or on a large scale unlike coal, iron, zinc, copper, diamonds, silver etc because a successful natural stone mining business requires the expertise in  3 areas: Creativity, Science & Technology.

From the layering or flow of the deposit to getting blocks out with consistent quality requires hands on expertise and cannot be automated all through as these are natural formations that have solidified over millions of years over nature (forest, other rocks & minerals, water bodies etc) and hence these will have impurities, color variation, fractures, etc which have to be avoided in salvaging blocks that can be processed.

The “EQ Group” has circumvented these challenges by getting on board geologists, mining engineers and an experienced technical team that anticipates the challenges even prior to putting in a license and navigates the quarrying process diligently using experienced professionals, state of the art machinery and business processes that focus on quality, efficiency and profitability.

Investing in the natural stone business with the right set of people with global linkages, end to end command of the business elements and financial prudence is an interesting proposition especially if one is exploring exits of 3-8 times the investment but like any good business it does have its risks especially with respect to block recovery which we hedge through operating multiple quarries in the most unique of materials.