The Exclusive Quarries Group was formed much like our stones, out of a volcanic amalgamation of experience, qualification, opportunity & enterprise. We believe that the “business of natural stone mining” isn’t being handled professionally and from a corporate perspective so we decided to make this business what it should be, a professionally run business in the natural stone quarrying & processing.

–  The Board, Exclusive Quarries Group

The largest deposit of granite

The group holds & runs black and red granite quarries in Central India in collaboration with investors as well as on their own. The aggregated deposits across India gives Exclusive Quarries the distinct advantage of holding & operating the largest deposit of “building material grade” granite in the world. The group including its stakeholders & shareholders believes in ensuring that these are monetised, value add enhanced & distributed in blocks, slabs & tiles to buyers across the world.


Exclusive Quarries (EQ) Group is an International Group currently exploring investing in Natural stone and other minor mineral quarries in Asia, Europe & Africa. Our mandate is to work with our investment group & partners in identifying exclusive quarries of granite, marble, quartzite & onyx. We work in the full spectrum of quarrying from prospecting, testing, mining, processing, marketing & sales.

Our network of marketing offices span New York, Dubai, Singapore, Udaipur, Mumbai & New Delhi with local liaising offices in the proximity of our quarries. The EQ Group continuously is on the lookout for acquiring, investing and marketing unique natural stones directly from the quarries. Our own & network processing units are used to cater to the domestic markets in and around key whole sale markets.

The management of EQ Group has over 3 decades of experience in prospecting, quarrying and natural stone marketing and the entity is composed of different legal entitiesspecialized in quarrying, manufacturing, marketing and trading of marble and granite.

Besides owning quarries the group also has access to other quarries of unique materials and endeavors to provide its clientele with options in unique natural stones that are not available elsewhere. The group has block stockyards in the UAE, China & India from where it exports to key markets as well as processes & ships finished products such as slabs & tiles that are made to order. The EQ Group offers blocks, slabs, cut-to-size, funeral monuments, columns and project centric stone products made out of CNC machines. The EQ Group’s focus areas are realty projects, traders & wholesalers, processors, architects & contractors, Government & Institutions and large-scale end users.

The EQ group has an excellent team of qualified geologists, mining engineers, contractors and back end team which measures the performance of each and every quarry including productivity, capacity utilization, quality & ability to deliver on time.We encourage ‘excellence’ in our teams through performance benchmarkingand ‘innovation’ through our culture of collective thinking.

EQ’s quarry stones are chosen by many leading architects, builders and infra companies for the uniqueness, versatility and timelessness.

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